CCJ Thrift Store

Our thrift store has a dual role at the Coalition for Compassion and Justice. We utilize donations for our clients in need through a voucher system as well as using proceeds to support our outreach efforts

Thrift Store Pick-Ups:

We will pick up your yard sale leftovers and furniture donations FOR FREE! Call 928-445-8382, option 6 to schedule a pickup. All donations are tax-deductible per CCJ’s 501(c)(3) status.

Voucher Information:

Low-income residents of the Quad Cities area are eligible for free clothing vouchers at the CCJ Thrift Shop. Adults can receive one $20 voucher every 30 days, and an additional $5 voucher for each of their children. Up to 16 adult vouchers are given out each day. There are also emergency vouchers for tents and sleeping bags for homeless people, which are given out as needed. Net income from the CCJ Thrift Shop helps fund meals, home repairs, and mentoring offered by the Coalition for Compassion and Justice.

How Do I Get a Voucher?

Clothing vouchers are available in store.