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Amber Davies-Sloan

Amber Davies-Sloan has been a resident of Prescott since 2012 and is a Professor of Communication at Yavapai College. The importance of volunteer work and actively giving back to the community was instilled at a young age, when she had the opportunity to travel to West Africa, Mexico, and urban areas of Phoenix to work with disenfranchised populations. Amber looks forward to supporting those without homes in the Prescott Area though the work of CCJ and participation on the CCJ Board. In her spare time, Amber can be found chasing her two young boys, cooking, baking, and enjoying a good book.

Sandy McClintock 

Sandy is a retired accountant.  She and her husband moved to Prescott in 2007 and decided to keep busy by volunteering with non-profits.

Carol Darrow


Jon Rocha

Jon is the owner of Prescott Realty and Southwest Homes.  He has several years of experience as a developer and is passionate about affordable housing.  Jon is a collaborative force and brings nonprofit and business together to help those most in need.  He and his amazing wife, Heather, are raising six children together and enjoy time with family and friends. 

Chris Chamberlain

Chris Chamberlain 35 years construction business. His lived experience has given him a wealth of knowledge, which he brings to the table as a Board Member for Coalition for Compassion and Justice.  Chris is the father of six beautiful children  and grandfather of 13 grandchildren. He currently works for CCJ’s Prescott Worker’s Progress Agency teaching life skills and work ethic. 

Bill Resnick


Maureen “Mo” Michael

Maureen “Mo” Michael has lived in the Prescott area since 2008 and has lived in Arizona since 1995, where she moved from her hometown of Irvine, California. Mo received her Master’s and undergraduate degree in counseling from Grand Canyon University and is currently working on her PhD. She is a licensed therapist in the community working primarily with those afflicted with Substance Use Disorders and specializes in treating Gambling Disorder. Mo is married and her and her husband have a blended family of 8 kids and 7 grandkids. Mo loves the outdoors and enjoys kayaking on our local lakes, playing disc golf and riding her Harley.

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