These outreach programs offer a much needed service to our guests. Volunteers allow us to meet these needs. There are several ways that you can help! Browse the programs below and please volunteer if you can.

CCJ Thrift Store

Our thrift store has a dual role at the Coalition for Compassion and Justice.  We utilize donations for our clients in need through a voucher system as well as using proceeds to support our outreach efforts.

Stagger Straight

Community Emergency Shelter

The Stagger Straight Community Emergency Shelter is open year round to house adult men and women.  This is a safe place to sleep for our clients and a healthy community in which to seek forward movement in personal goals.

Home Repair

CCJ is aware that significant numbers of low income homeowners live in houses that are unsafe or unhealthy. Many of the owners do not have the financial means or the skills to improve these conditions, and there is a need for a volunteer service organization to help out.


Our Advocacy department assists our clients through daily challenges and toward long-term goals. We tap into the hope and agency that we believe every individual possesses.

How can you help?

There are so many ways to help CCJ!
Follow and share our messages on social media, tell your friends about us, shop in our Thrift Shoppe, or donate today!

Your contribution will assist us in helping those most in need in our community!